FRIDAY VIDEO: Initial D Fifth Stage, Episode 01 – Encounter of Destiny

Admit it, you’ve been waiting for this, ever since Fifth Stage rumors surfaced months ago. There’s no shame in being a fan of Initial D. After all, it features some of our favorite cars drifting through the mountains of Japan, and it can’t be any worse than the live action Wangan Midnight movie.

The first episode has already been posted to YouTube and subtitled (be sure to click on the closed captioning button). Just sit back and enjoy your guilty pleasures. UPDATE: Episode 02 now out too (see below, thanks to Marcelo for the tip)!

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18 Responses to FRIDAY VIDEO: Initial D Fifth Stage, Episode 01 – Encounter of Destiny

  1. cesariojpn said:

    No hardsubs to the video itself? Man, todays anime subbers are lazy!!

  2. JETTO said:

    Finally! after many years of waiting…

  3. Nigel said:

    Welcome back to Akina !!

  4. Aaron said:

    My initial D viewing is something my friends don’t know, lol. That, and I open mouth kissed a horse once…

  5. J.A.C.K said:

    yay! yes, i am a fan. there’s no shame in that, amirite fellas?!

  6. hondaonly said:

    panda trueno!!!!!!

  7. Tyler said:

    Just getting started on the first season… pretty decent so far. Definitely one of the only shows I know of (besides TG, etc) to weave actual car races into every episode.

  8. Marcelo said:

    2nd episode Eng subs. Enjoy

  9. 47hako said:

    They have episode 2 up bout no subs…yet!

  10. Lucien said:

    I hope Funimation does a dub. I always thought theirs was pretty good.

  11. Whoever says that they never watched this anime and is “into” cars is lying!! LOL
    Anyway, sure am glad the new “stage” is available because 4th stage seemed lacking once it was over…

  12. cesariojpn said:

    Is it just me, or does the intro show a coupe Trueno than a hatch?

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