Fragrant Women WINNERS!!


Wow…this was one popular contest! Just like the Mystery JDM Toy Car contest we received entries from all over the world, but this time I was hoping that the winners would be more “international” unlike the Mystery Car contest where all but one of the prizes went to Aussies.


But luckily this time Lady Luck smiled on our foreign readers and so without further ado, our winners are:

JP deLaughter of Hayward, California USA

Toby Dai of Wichita, Kansas USA

Michael Cichorski of Elblag, Poland

Congratulations guys, I’ll mail the prizes to you soon.  And thanks to everybody who took the time to enter, and don’t be disappointed if you didn’t win, we will be having more GrandJDM giveaways in the future.

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10 Responses to Fragrant Women WINNERS!!

  1. DJLotus said:


    GrandJDM giveaways: 2
    Me: 0

  2. 31GUN said:

    Double poopy.
    Same deal as above, Me: 0 for 2

  3. tougemike said:

    Woohoo! I won! 🙂 My name is spelled wrong though… I’m sure you did that on purpose Kev, so that GrandJDM’ers could pronounce it, but please be sure to address the package exactly like I wrote in my winning-email 🙂 Greets from Poland! 🙂

  4. Kev said:

    Oops my bad! I’ll send you an email to confirm it’s in the right format before I mail it to Poland.

  5. leongsoon said:

    Same here.

    GrandJDM giveaways: 2
    Me: 0


  6. Pharoahe said:

    congratz on the winners

  7. Toby said:

    wow, I can’t believe I won! This is so awesome, I can’t wait!!!

    Thank you guys so much! You just made my day much brighter ^____^ V

  8. Ethereal510 said:

    Ohh bummer I lost.. at least a fellow bay area guy won haha

  9. zulu said:

    Hey Yeah Im JP from Hayward. The first letter in my last name is also a capital. But its so awesome i won! I didnt even think i was goin to win anything! Im so glad that you have this site man! I love everything oldskool japanese cars. i own a 1973 celica personally! Thanx again man for doing the contest great Ive actaully won something in my life !

  10. Kev said:

    Good to hear that regular readers won the contest 🙂

    …even if I did mis-spell your names 😀

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