Five pages of classic JDM lovin’

Dangeruss 510 Bluebird

No no, we’re not talking about Japanese porn – though if you shoot us an email, we can point you in the right direction (kidding!). No, our friends over at have dug deep and pulled out five sweet pages of classic JDM photos for your private-time pleasure. From boso style through to faithfully restored gans (“good as new” – I totally just made that acronym up!), there’s a hot selection to get you through the day. Well, at least ten minutes.

Jump on over to to check it out.

Incidentally, the image we’ve used for this post is an illustration by the infamous Dangeruss, one of the best automotive and technical artists you’ve never heard of.

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  1. Van said:

    Do I need to have mentioned that the car in the illustration is a 510 series Nissan Bluebird? Naaaw, you classic JDM fans woulda known that for sure!

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