First Ever SEMA Car Show

SEMASEMA is hosting its first ever car show on Saturday, August 1. If you live near  Pasadena, California we highly encourage you to participate. The Specialty Equipment Market Association welcomes all cars but has traditionally been the domain of hot rods, muscle cars and tuned imports/drift cars. Missing from the mix, glaringly, are vintage imports.

The organization is dedicated to speaking up on behalf of all car enthusiasts in this country (as in their lobbying efforts against the recent Cash for Clunkers bill), and has tremendous sway over the direction of the aftermarket industry. This is right up the alley for J-tin fans, but unfortunately nostalgics have been missing from the equation for far too long. So if you want your car to represent the old school scene, please consider entering your car.

The show also supports the Childhelp and Victory Junction Gang Camp children’s charities and will be held at the Pasadena Convention Center.

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14 Responses to First Ever SEMA Car Show

  1. DIASISS said:

    Man i wish i was in SOCAL right now!!! This is very important and will make a lasting impression on any collectors that show up weather they like it or not!,granted theres a good turn out!…I can see it now, a guy with a 1970 BOSS 302 shows up but parked right next to him is a fully restored 1985 CELICA-SUPRA!!! Can you imagine what he will be thinking when he realizes that a car that he always thought of as TRASH looks just as good as his car if not better and has an image along with it of lasting significance!? thats something to think about!… His car will TRULY will have a Japanese car to reckon with! “a rival”,”an equal”!!!

    Notice this definition of classic the American auto enthusiast seem to overlook {assuming a car HAS to be 25 years old before its classic and thats NOT what the word classic even means} lol,I know what a classic is before anyone else does…and there are several Japanese cars that because of them not being 25 years old yet many American car enthusiast will completely overlook…how silly…

    clas·sic (klsk)
    a. Belonging to the highest rank or class.
    b. Serving as the established model or standard: a classic example of colonial architecture.
    c. Having lasting significance or worth; enduring.
    a. Adhering or conforming to established standards and principles: a classic piece of research.
    b. Of a well-known type; typical: a classic mistake.
    3. Of or characteristic of the literature, art, and culture of ancient Greece and Rome; classical.
    a. Formal, refined, and restrained in style.

  2. Moisabamf said:

    might get the ‘ol 1200 out there….

  3. Steve said:

    Might take the Z and have a looksy, but the $75 donation/fee means my car wont be entering this time.

  4. Ben said:

    Hmm, I dunno… I think the 1970 Boss 302 is pretty sweet and would probably rather have that than a Supra.

  5. DIASISS said:

    lol,I think thats a traitors comment…And an 85 Celica-Supra looks better any how…I see a LOT of Japanese car enthusiast who CLAIM they really appreciate these cars…but then they say “bandwagon” comments kind of like the one you just said Ben… And ideals like that are the {complete reason} that American and Europen auto enthusiast have NO respect or appreciation for these cars,because even you {a so called Japanese classic car enthusiast wont stand behind your culture,legacy and car!…No offence…If a guy with a Mustang or BMW will stand behind his car {until the world ends!!!} i dont see why its such a crime to be AHEAD of the game and say a Celica-Supra is an equally impressive car…lol,Its called “being above the influence”…Because anyone with sence {knows} that 1 day people will talk about an MKII Supra the same exact way they talk about a Mustang now…lol,I guess im just ahead of my time…

    no offence Ben…

  6. Sr-FairladyZ said:


    I don’t believe our buddy Ben here is jumping on any band waggons, is being influenced by any masses, or is traitor to the JNC scene. I think in technical terms, Ben’s pituitary glands release more endorphins when he see’s a Boss 302 then when he see’s a Celica-Supra. Are we not allowed to like any other car other then a Japanese one w/o being thrown judgment? ..without hearing a belittling speech based on your own speculations? I have reviewed your comments on here from time to time and note your overwhelming passion for JNC’s, but you shouldn’t be making assumptions and or passing judgment on anyone for having a different outlook on a car (especially on this site). Ben and the guys at JNC put A LOT of hard work and money into promoting what you preach, more than any other magazine in the US, and you have the nerve to rant on the poor fellow for liking a Boss Mustang (a Legend) over a Celica? Gee wiz I say, and I take offense for Ben.

  7. DIASISS said:

    lol,your entitled to your own opinion {as i am mine} oh and you forgot something… Celica-Supra (a legend)

  8. Ben said:

    SR-FairladyZ, my hero. 😛

    I guess the jig is up. Tomorrow I’m changing to the name of this site to!

  9. DIASISS said:

    lol,no wait i gotta a better idea!!!…how about!

  10. I have never been to a SEMA show, but have always wanted to. “It’ll be the day” when there is a large showing of JNCs at one.

  11. ShantJ said:

    Excellent… I live IN Pasadena! I hope to see some J-Tin there.

  12. Hey gang- its Mike- I was the chairman of the SEMA car show. It was a great day. I would like to tell you that was exactly what I was looking for- some great cars from diffrent kinds of collectors. Japanese cars next to British cars next to American classics. Everyone got to celebrate what they loved. A world of wheels. ( My first cars were all Datsuns by the way)

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