Finland Japanese Auto Extravaganza 2009

Mikko, our JNCer in the land of the Finn, has kindly uploaded a few pics of the recent Finland Japanese Auto Extravaganza.

Here’s a very clean example of a Nissan “Super 6” wagon that Ben is sure to drool over.

There were several examples of the Datsun Cherry. So many, in fact, that you could spare one to make a carriage:


Click here to see the rest of this eclectic event.

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4 Responses to Finland Japanese Auto Extravaganza 2009

  1. Zeb said:

    Would so kill for that Cedric wags, oh jayzuz

  2. Ben said:

    I drool profusely!

  3. colink said:

    oh yes please some really cool cars

  4. Mr.L.J. Nordvik said:

    It’s funny,I can’t recall seing any five-door Cherries when it (and I) was new.Maybe they didn’t sell them in Norway.Maybe my memory isn’t as good as… as…. uh…

    ….Lovely weather,isn’t it?

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