Finding the Diamond in the Rough


During my weekly trawling of the various car classifieds websites here in Australia, I came across this S130 Fairlady (aka 280ZX) for sale. Two-seater S130s aren’t very common here, so it caught my eye straight away. It’s a relatively good asking price the owner is chasing, and with a bit of effort, you could find yourself with a pretty handsome Z.

At a time when one of the most popular classic Nissans to be buying in this country is the S30, a slick S130 could definitely help to set you apart. Click through to see my horrible Photoshop effort!

For my tastes, I’d spray the chrome window trim a nice satin black. Then I’d drop the body a few inches, put some great classic rims on it (though Sakuras could be hard to come by). I might even keep that hideous bullbar on the front, but cut it down and spray it a dark metallic grey. This thing’s definitely got some potential. If only I could spare the cash!


You can check it out yourself by clicking here.

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