Face 1 Meeting 2008

Ok, we have no idea what this Japanese gathering is really called; we’re just cutting and pasting into Babelfish like everyone else. So until someone who reads Japanese can come along with some better ideas, Face 1 Meeting 2008 it is. All we know is, there are some seriously bitchin’ rides in this slideshow. Nissan Skyline Japans, Toyota Mark IIs, Laurel Hardtops, Celica XXs and even some plastic model kits. Enjoy.

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3 Responses to Face 1 Meeting 2008

  1. Slrr35 said:

    I love the AE86 at 1:37

  2. Agreed with the AE86 love them all

  3. S30ZK said:

    More from this team:

    Website: http://www14.plala.or.jp/AKANKO/tsuraichi/

    This was a club meeting in Kushiro City (Hokkaido).

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