EVENTS: Old School Toyota Club of Bridgeport

Click the image above to go to the article. 200+ photos await.

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8 Responses to EVENTS: Old School Toyota Club of Bridgeport

  1. Kev said:

    With a name like bridgeport you would think it would be a Mazda event 😀

  2. Ben said:

    Coming next week, Classic Mazda Club of Beams, Rhode Island.

  3. Peter Diaz said:

    I was in attendance. The event was awesome and it was a pleasure meeting Ben. Now it’s time for our show, Team Toyminator, on the 31st of this month in South Plainfield,NJ. Check or for details

  4. Dan said:

    Man, where do they store all these cars in the wintertime??

  5. 1977ra29 said:

    Really great to see more and more shows focussing on old JP cars. 🙂

  6. Fantastic really good show and great pictures as well

  7. El Kimico said:

    Great event! Great pictures. I will be looking forward to attend to next year event. I could’nt attend this time due to personal reasons. I’m glad that everybody had fun and enjoyed what the east coast side has to offer concerning Japanese Clasic cars. As a faithful Toyota and Mazda owner my respect goes to everyone who organize all these events on the east coast as well as all the loyal people in attendance. Keep up the good work!

  8. hotclassic said:

    here in brazil we need these events.
    on our site we have some photos of our events, see how they are good.

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