EVENTS: Japanese Classic Car Show 2008

Highly anticipated pics from the 2008 Japanese Classic Car Show are up. It was the best JCCS yet, and the 345 photos in our gallery prove it!

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  1. J.Ramirez (zetozeto99) said:

    GEEZ! You guys took more than 3 times the pix I took!

  2. Dan said:

    Yet, we still managed to miss some cars…sorry to the MR2 and some of the 510 guys! I was running around like a chicken w/ its head cut off all day. =/

  3. Redsunday said:

    Nice! Are they doing a video again this year?
    Good to mitsubishi out in force this year!

  4. GEN2TWINCAM said:

    Thanks JNC!

    Great turn-out and a great set of photos! There seems to be a serious lack of Hondas. Hopefully, mine will be ready by next year’s event.


  5. Ben said:

    Redsunday – I don’t think there are plans for a DVD, but the grapevine tells us that a youtube video may be in the works.

  6. Jon E said:

    There’s a picture of every car, but mine it seems. It sure was a great show.

  7. Ben said:

    Jon E – Sorry! Which one was yours?

  8. colink said:

    Amazing set of pictures

  9. StrayCat said:

    I’m so glad I went to JCCS (I could just hug those N600’s & Z600’s…!!), and eventually checked out JNC’s booth!

    I didn’t get a chance to look at the magazine until I went home. It’s absolutely amazing! My father, brother, & I fought a little over the first volume, first edition. hehe

    I got my dad a subscription, my brother snagged the subscription flier out of one of my magazines, and now I just have to get a subscription for myself! (My family just can’t share these JCN. haha)

    Thanks for publishing such a great magazine. I especially loved the articles comparing the 240z & the 510, covering the Skyline, and the 23 2000GT. Even the Reader’s Rides and ads (events we need to know about!) were great to read. Content + Photos are A+!

  10. Ben said:

    Straycat – Glad to be of service and thanks for subscribing!

  11. Sr-FairladyZ said:

    Awesome pics, made my day! That RB26DE GC10 is perfection. And all those G-noses!!

  12. Nzeder said:

    Take a close look at the RB powered GC10 and notice it is not a RB26 head but a RB25 with RB26 cam covers – you can tell by the Fujitsubo RB25DE headers – remember that RB26 have different exhaust manifold bolt patterns the number 3 exhaust port mounting should have the nut/stud on the right of the pipe not the left. Sorry to disappoint – I should know as I have 2 RB26 heads here at home – one is on my RB25DE bottom end for my RB25/RB26DE hybrid power going into my 260z 2 seater. Also I have 2 sets of the same headers – one modified for the RB26 head – the other standard.

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