EVENTS: All-Toyotafest 2009


If you happened to see a blue Cressida wagon and blue AE86 pulled over on the 710 by the California Highway Patrol on the way to Toyotafest last Saturday, that was yours truly at JNC. We were running late and, shall we say, briskly, but an irate Officer Poncharello thought we were street racing. Somehow, we were able to convince him we weren’t and made it to the show to take the photos in this gallery. Unfortunately, each of us still got one of these:


Special thanks to Jorge Ramierz (that’s him in the back) for helping us out at the booth and to Joji Luz for the pic of sad Dan!

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9 Responses to EVENTS: All-Toyotafest 2009

  1. zulu said:

    hey ben. its JP the guy with the blue 73 celica. I did see you guys on the 710 pulled over. I was runing late myself to get to the show. I had just got onto the freeway. I was gona “fast” to try to make it to the show. I saw the cressida and AE86 pulled over on the right hand shoulder near the onramp i just got off of. I let off and just cruised all the way to the show at 55. I made it to the show with just 5 mins to spare at the 845 cutoff time. My rear end went out that day after the show. I got it replaced ( thanks to Joel Luz from Toysport and Joey and the guys from Performance Options) Also had to run on a spare tire for 150 miles on the 5!

  2. Ben said:

    Damn zulu, that is quite the adventure! Glad you were able to make it to the show and back safely.

  3. wow, such an awesome show… I would’ve flown out for that one.

  4. Ben said:

    you should fly out for jccs in oct.!

  5. J.Ramirez (zetozeto99) said:

    Aw-shucks! You’re welcome , Guys!

  6. BlownArrow! said:

    hahaha….lol 😀
    I went to the show and all I got was a lousy toyta fest t-shirt 🙁

  7. Dan said:

    I’ll trade you my yellow piece of paper for your toyotafest t-shirt 😉

  8. Sarcasmo said:

    Is that a kid’s menu? lol 😛

  9. driftonedge said:

    thanks for the picture. i was too busy checking out others cars. i didn’t even have time to take picture of my own car. awsome picture thank you. by jccs my car will have all new look to it (white 4dr te72) i just got my swap done three days before the show. lol….

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