Event Horizon: The Show Must Go On Edition

This week’s Event Horizon is a little late due to our site hiccup earlier in the week, but there are a number of different events available to lucky Aussies and Southern Californians.  The picture above is from the 2008 All Japan Day show.

If you know of or would like to publicize an event, send us a tip at feedback(at)japanesenostalgiccar(dot)com

This week:

Future events:

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3 Responses to Event Horizon: The Show Must Go On Edition

  1. mister k said:

    ok let’s get some other west coast guys to crash the “z scramble” canyon run. no better feeling than passing a few grandpa z’s

  2. Benson said:

    Wow… Australia’s calender looks empty es.

  3. burabuda said:

    well benson do something about it!

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