Even More S130 Loving

s130_red.jpg Looks like we’re on an S130 roll today. grandJDM’s Kev has weighed in with his opinions on this particular brand of Fairlady love, so click through to read that, and to see the photos he ransacked his own hard drive for.



I reckon that model can look hot, if done right, but the issue I would have is that any ’70s Datto (which is prone to rust anyway) that has spent any time at all on salt-encrusted winter UK roads may dissolve like a Berocca the next time it rains!


I don’t think they take much to turn into a tough street car—just a nice slam, and shave off some extraneous details (like that nudge bar and spotlights). Those stock wheelarches look like they can take some hugely dished wheels before needing flares.


If you wanted to do it bozo, you could get away with just spending on some coilovers (which will be interchangeable with the Silvia anyway so you could get secondhand ones if you were feeling cheap and cheerful), and the right wheels, and you’d have a nice cruiser for very little money… at least until you wake up one morning and there is a pile of red flakes where your car used to be!


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