Enkei Reissues Vintage Wheels (huzzah!)


In conjunction with Mooneyes Japan, Enkei has re-released five of its 70s-era wheels: the Dish, the Baja I & II, the Mojave and the 5-Spoke (pictured above). More details here. Prices start at about Y29,000ea (about A$300ea) and they come in suitably low-offset dished sizes up to 10in wide.

More evidence (if any were needed) that the old-school movement in Japan is gathering strength in a big way.

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3 Responses to Enkei Reissues Vintage Wheels (huzzah!)

  1. Ben said:


    I love Crown Classics. Every six months it pops up on my radar so I immediately go to CarSales and look for Crowns for sale.

    And then I remember that I have no need for a big bargy slow inefficient but awesome looking Japanese classic. Been there, done that.

    Which is of course why my current J-tin is small un-bargy semi-slow inefficient and awesome looking Japanese classic.

  2. LarryW said:

    I think I found a pic of these wheels at the TAS: (from AutoOtaku’s pics):


    They also had these pics:


    But I’m not sure what wheels those are on the car. Also, what car is that?

  3. Kev said:

    That gunmetal car is a 67-71 50 series Crown, with a 1JZ conversion no less: LINK

    And the wheels are Mooneyes Speedmasters: LINK

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