East Coasters: OSTCBPT Swap Meet

oldschooltoyotaclubbridgeportDon’t feel left out by SoCal’s Datsun Weekend, east coasters. The Old School Toyota Club of Bridgeport, CT is having a swap meet on Sunday, April 26. So while the Solvang Roadster Classic and Z Car West Coast Nationals are in full swing this Saturday and Sunday, you can be hunting for parts to go on your nostalgic. For more information check this thread in the JNC forum. Photos from last year’s swap meet can be found here.

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3 Responses to East Coasters: OSTCBPT Swap Meet

  1. Nigel said:

    Just don’t see stuff like this here in Canada unless you’re in B.C.

  2. Darn, I’ll be busy on Sunday.

  3. BlownArrow! said:

    I thought Bridgeport, CT was Canada? 😛

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