East Coast Events: Zero Garage at Road Atlanta

zerogarage There are more events for you east coasters this weekend! Take the midnight train to Georgia and meet up with Zero Garage, our favorite band of Peach State bandits at Road Atlanta! They will be repping J-tin at the Mitty, so be sure to check it out. Go to Import Atlanta for details.

[Image: Puregroove.org]

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6 Responses to East Coast Events: Zero Garage at Road Atlanta

  1. Derrick S said:

    I’ll be there Saturday! I’m glad it won’t be all Blitish (sic) cars 🙂

  2. Aaron said:

    mmm USDM bumpers hahah :p

    i kid looks like a blast!

  3. Charlie said:

    can’t wait! see you guys there.

  4. slickwrick said:

    does it matter?!
    who cares?! their classics!!!!

    the one with the whitewalls looks sweet!

  5. Wow, thanks guys! The Mitty was a lot of fun. There was a JNCer that drove up from Florida to join us.

  6. Ben said:

    That’s a long haul. Props to him!

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