E70 Corolla Drifting

Yeah, we all know the AE86 Corolla is practically synonymous with drifting, but what if you want something that stands out from the crowd? Check out the guys from MotorFix, who specialize in sliding the previous generation E70 Corollas. Naturally, they’re all powered by the 4A-GE twin-cam from the AE86, which means old school style with slightly less old school tech. Check out Auto-Otaku for lots more pics of this crew and videos too.

[Source: Auto-Otaku]

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5 Responses to E70 Corolla Drifting

  1. Mr.L.J. Nordvik said:

    Very cool!

  2. Jeff Brown said:

    WOO HOO…. E70’s Corollas rule.

  3. Bob said:

    Wow. You just made my day. Awesome, awesome stuff.

    There’s a pair of those on craigslist for sale for $2500- a 4-door and a wagon- locally. But the entire ad is in Spanish. Argh. I did manage to catch that both had automatic transmissions as well. 🙁 And when the cars themselves are a rarity around here, transmission swapping parts are unlikely to be findable.

  4. vinny.! said:

    this made me cry.
    i once owned one until those damn cops took it away.

    check out some pics at my myspace..

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