Domo Arigato, Figaro Lot-O

Used car lots in the US, much like grizzly bears and lawyers suffering from tuberculosis, are things to avoid if you know what’s good for you. In the UK, there’s at least one worth going to: AutoSupplyUK specializes in one car and one car only – the Nissan Figaro.

After getting ourselves all jazzed up about the retro-fabulous boutique car, some casual googling led us to the importer. There, we learned that Esquire has featured the Figaro in their April 2007 issue, which in turn taught us that the Figaro was even displayed at London’s Design Museum, alongside items like a Video iPod and, uh, water bottle to mark both the 25 “greatest creations” of the last quarter-century and the musuem’s own silver anniversary. Not bad for a car never officially imported to the Isles.

You can download a scan of the issue here (PDF).

Image and PDF courtesy of Esquire magazine via AutoSupplyUK.

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