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Here’s a new feature on grandJDM for you; the “Did You Know?” post! Exciting stuff, huh? Alright, probably not, but let’s move on!

Here’s a little Toyota trivia that I stumbled across earlier today. Toyota used variations of the name Crown for models other than the Crown that we all know. For example: the Corona, which is latin for crown, or the Corolla, which is latin for small crown. There’s also the Camry (often regarded jokingly as a playful twist on “my car”), which is an anglicized pronunciation of the Japanese term “kan-muri” meaning crown. One of Toyota’s first cars sold in the US was also called the Toyopet Tiara.

Something of a fascination with royal headwear, over at Toyota HQ!

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  1. Kev said:

    *waits patiently for the Toyota Fez to come out*

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