Day of the Zed

And now for something completely different: Zedfest 2007 was last Sunday at the famous Silverstone Circuit in Ol’ Blighty, and 167 Datsuns and Nissans took to the track in a parade lap that set a record for most Japanese cars on the track at one time. The event, sponsored in part by the UK Z Club, also included the 2007 Japanese Tuning Show and round 2 of the European Drifting Championship and Time Attack Series, no doubt graced by many a gray market import, you jammy bastards and your RHD!

One of the UK’s most famous nostalgics is Big Sam, a 1970 240Z that started life as a Works 1972 East African Rally car but was later converted for road racing in the UK and ended up winning 1974 BARC series against the likes of Porsche and TVR. It was campagined by an outfit called Samuri (not Samurai) Racing, who just happened to set up shop by Silverstone.

Thanks to Autoblog for the tip and image. There’s a few more pics in their gallery. Cheerio!

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