Datsun X-Link Concept From Nissan Yulon


Automakers are always testing the marketplace waters with new concept cars that never hit the market, and Nissan is no exception. However, the thing that leapt off the page when we came across this otherwise typically futuristic dream car is the name, the Datsun X-Link. That’s right, not Nissan. Datsun.

Nissan designer Benjamin Nawka has conjured this idea with the intention of resurrecting Datsun as Nissan’s “lifestyle brand” much like Toyota’s Scion or BMW’s Mini.

Forgive us, but we think there are many things wrong with this scenario, not the least of which is the fact that the Datsun name is steeped in tradition and shouldn’t be funkified to appeal to 18-year-olds who’ve never heard of the marque. Yeah, we know we sound like old fogies, but come on. Does this concept remotely resemble anything that might leap into your head when the word “Datsun” is mentioned? The Nissan Pure could, but not this.

While the X-Link did emerge from one of Nissan’s international design studios, this is just one designer’s vision, and we think it’ll be a very, very long shot before it’s approved and/or the Datsun nameplate is revived.

Also, get off our lawn.

[CarBodyDesign via Jalopnik]

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11 Responses to Datsun X-Link Concept From Nissan Yulon

  1. SrFairladyZ said:

    “No sir, I don’t like it.”

  2. pqjim said:

    I agree – it does not look good, and leave the Datsun name alone!

    It looks chunky and clunky, especially that big piece of plastic on the front.

    Also, turn down your music.

  3. John said:

    While I’d love to see Datsun revived…. this is not the correct way to go about it.

    But on the other hand bringing it back as the “lifestyle brand” kind of makes sense. I mean look how fanatical a majority of Datsun owners are about their cars.

  4. No im afraid thats not for me.

  5. billy-280z said:

    I totally agree with john, as one of the “fanatical” ( and I take it in a good way) Datsun owners I think they should resurrect the name. But like everyone else I don’t this is the car to do it. As I stated in another post how about a retro version of the 510. It would be cheap fun alternative to the Z, with back seats to boot. I just hope they wouldn’t screw it up and turn it into another Xa, Aveo, Versa, space jellybean look-a-like

  6. ProTree said:

    whos this guy Benjamin Nawka? is he like a new “up and comer” designer tryin to get noticed with his “brilliant” ideas? no mannnn…….

  7. panda[cRx] said:

    that thing is not a nissan, hopefully it never will be

  8. slickwrick said:

    you call that a car?

    the Z should be revived the right way!

    and please no hybrid ideas!

  9. Carl Beck said:

    Personally, I’d be OK with the styling for 2010. Make it 1200cc, 110HP and less than 2000lbs – that sells pretty well equipped for $11,995.00 (and actually sells for that!!). Make it rear wheel drive, with a typical DATSUN bulletproof engine and drive train… 21mpg in town and 38 on the highway.

    Build a lot of Customer VALUE into it – and yes, it would be a modern DATSUN. Of course it would have to be sold through a NEW Dealer Chain where the new Authorized Dealers were real car people and hungry to build a successful dealership. Dealers that actually own and operate their Dealerships and actually deal day to day, face to face with their customers… Yep – you couldn’t build them fast enough.

    Send it to your typical Nissan Dealer – and it would represent another FLOP… they want to sell $35K Maxima’s now, or $32K Pickup’s… At $12K they would let the little car sit on the back lot.. or blow you out the doors if you came in and ask for one..

    DATSUN was about 25% the actual cars/trucks, 50% the Authorized Dealers and their Service/Parts Departments and 25% DATSUN USA. The people at DATSUN actually listened to their Customers and delivered the high quality cars/trucks they wanted to buy – at prices they could afford. Every Datsun had a large dose of Customer Value… Something that seems to have been all but completely lost in todays market….

    As the standard of living of middle class America, goes steadily downward – the need for low priced new cars will grow here. Toyota was very wise to start their low priced brand – and Nissan has a huge advantage in the DATSUN Brand Name… who ever actually wants to buy a Sicon?… Every car nut would love to have a new DATSUN.. even if for their kids..

    But it wasn’t just the cars….

    Carl Beck
    Clearwater, FL

  10. Ben said:

    i feel old looking at this car i think the futuristic idea is a loads of shit cars are not made for that it looks horrible the whole shape should be scrapped and come out with a new v8 muscle car


    that shit is hot, this isnt my first time seeing the DATSUN XLINK but every time i do see it, it makes me want to finish my DATSUN designs and yes that means the DATSUN 510, DATSUN 620, and an other one i call th DATSUN JASMELDY i named it after a girl im friends with in school. my DATSUN 510 designs dont look any thing like the nissan pure, they actully look like the original DATSUN 510 but would have a twin turbo V6 intercooled motor making 510 horsper right from the factory, and i agree with carl who wants a scion any more.

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