Datsun Summer Kind of a Bummer

datsunsummer Sorry, Zedheads. This is in fact the second horribly customized Datsun Z-car we’re bringing you in as many days. It’s not like we’re trying to find hideous nostalgic cars, they just have a habit of popping up, but at least yesterday’s X-wing Z was virtual. Today’s, however, is much too real.

It was sent in by JNCer Crazy Backyard Builder, who alerted us to the fact that the 1978 movie Corvette Summer didn’t just destroy a perfectly good Corvette Stingray and Firebird, but a Datsun as well.

And here it is. If the glitter of a 1970s Las Vegas casino doesn’t blind you, the gleam coming off its metal flake paint and chrome mirrors certainly will. Its ability to practically blend itself into such an environment like a chameleon doesn’t exactly say “tasteful mods.” Well, at least most of the original lines have been kept and, unlike that poor Corvette, there does not appear to be a anything on it modeled after an Aztec headdress. So there’s that.

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13 Responses to Datsun Summer Kind of a Bummer

  1. Redsunday said:

    This is what Kev should do with his Hako!

  2. leongsoon said:

    This looks ok. It could have been much, much worse.

  3. Jeff Brown said:

    I don’t care what you guys say, I like that movie, and the Corvette in it. That Z was done pretty decent, considering the time period it was built.

  4. Kev said:

    I like the movie too, and have shared this opinion with Mr Ben.

    Luke Skywalker + car chases + V8s? How can you possibly lose?

  5. Ben said:

    Hey Jeff, we’re just having a bit of fun here. Surely some will take a look at the bosozoku style cars and think “that’s so ugly!” as well. You know the old saying, if you don’t have anything nice to say, put it on a blog. 😉

  6. Jeff Brown said:

    LOL…… Yeah, that is a pretty good comparison

  7. SrfairladyZ said:

    Side pipes are ghey.

  8. That does nothing for me sorry

  9. richard said:

    i think you owe us Datsun guys some sort of redeeming post that contains some Z goodness as an apology.

  10. panda[cRx] said:

    looks hot, where can i get one?

  11. 1977ra29 said:

    Needs a set of Yosemite Sam mud flaps that say “Back Off”…

  12. Deadflo said:

    I remember seeing that movie, and was bummed when the guy saw that car on display and said something “oh no , it’s just a Datsun”, like it was no big deal, like the great Corvette. Too bad for him!

  13. Jesse said:

    I don’t mind the side dumps on it. But that’s about it. I agree with Richard. More Zcar goodness!

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