Datsun Fairlady Off-Roadster

O-kaaaaay. You don’t see this every day. And by this we mean a mud-splattered Datsun Roadster mounted on a Jeep CJ5 drivetrain. Here’s some videos of it doing it’s thang. Fairlady? More like bearded lady.

[CarDomain Blog]

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4 Responses to Datsun Fairlady Off-Roadster

  1. robakun said:

    and that thing is a 68 2 liter! How sad!

  2. Oh my god thats sooooo sad to see

  3. SrFairladyZ said:

    Just when I thought S30’s on Ford Bronco frames was bad. 🙁

  4. lorillan said:

    The kid looks like Spritle and he and Chim-chim got loose on the Mach5 with the traction tires on(I think it button E).

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