Cruiser Carnival

We know there’s nothing like a low-slung coupe with fender mirrors but one of the most sought-after nostalgics lies on the exact opposite side of the automotive spectrum. The Toyota Land Cruiser boasts one of the largest followings of any Japanese marque, has been around since 1951, and has even spawned a modern successor using its chassis code as the model name.

That descendant would be the 2007 FJ Cruiser, and to promote the heritage of this off-roader, Toyota has launched a mini-site dedicated to the many incarnations of Land Cruiser over the ages. Set to an Indiana-Jonesish pulp novel explorer’s club motif, the site compiles old videos, commercials, and photos from all seven continents where the Land Cruiser has cruised.

Click here to be amazed at the Land Cruiser’s ruggedness.

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