Crikey! Aussie Barn Find Reveals 297 Classics

We all fantasize about the barn find. For some, it’s better than winning the lottery. A big wad of cash can get you that new Maserati, but there are some cars where it’s not a matter of buying them, it’s a matter of finding them.

We just know that somewhere, somehow, there’s a chance we’ll stumble upon a remote shed in the middle of nowhere that’s been quietly keeping our dream car safe and dry for decades. It’ll be owned by a senior citizen who has never heard of the Internet and he’ll sell it to you for a pittance and a good yarn.

Now imagine 297 such cars, discovered in a farm near Adelaide. The unnamed collector had one everything, from Armstrong-Siddeleys to Wolseleys, and five or six other marque you’ve never heard of. There’s only one Japanese car among them, a ’71 Honda 1300 Coupe 9, but surely we can appreciate the owner’s ambition. The best thing about the collection is that instead of the typical high-dollar exotica, it’s made up largely of cars that were not particularly fast or expensive, but like our own Japanese nostalgics, were often unloved in their heyday. Is there such an accumulation somewhere in the wilds of Japan, waiting to be discovered? We can only dream.


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2 Responses to Crikey! Aussie Barn Find Reveals 297 Classics

  1. Blimey thats a lot of classics

  2. panda[cRx] said:

    awesome, there was a similar find in the US or puerto rico or something about a year ago

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