Creepy Guy in Van Stalks Woman Z Driver

From the Disco Ain’t Dead Bureau comes this video clip from devout reader SR-Fairlady Z. It’s part of a 1979 made-for-TV movie called Death Car on the Freeway in which a guy who looks like someone Chris Hansen might confront on Dateline: To Catch a Predator uses a van to run innocent motorists off the road.

We’ll overlook its obvious flaws – such as how a Datsun 240Z is unable to outrun a 1977 Dodge Tradesman – because of the rockin’ 70s soundtrack and the fact that any nostalgic car, especially one in manual shift, has the power to make the woman driving it instantly ten times as hot. Instructional video after the jump.

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7 Responses to Creepy Guy in Van Stalks Woman Z Driver

  1. Slrr35 said:

    The special effect was very nice.!!! Nice movie

  2. kingofthering said:

    – Inserts in lame joke about how she would’ve gotten away if she had the Devil Z from Wangan Midnight.

  3. nlpnt said:

    Seriously, on an empty 4-lane highway an unloaded ’70s Dodge van with a 440 4-barrel would have no problem keeping up with a stock 240Z.
    On the canyon road? Different story entirely!

  4. robakun said:


  5. Bob said:

    Does my JNC license get revoked if I admit I’d take the Dodge van over the Z any day of the week, over and over and over again?

    Seriously. My love of ’70s Dodge Vans knows no bounds. If fuel was cheaper, a ’70s tradesman panel van, slammed with side pipes and slotted mags, would be my next ride of choice. Tasty.

  6. Ben said:

    Not revoked, but maybe a point or two. šŸ™‚ You should check out some of the 70s Japanese vans in our Events section from Japan.

  7. Deadflo said:

    I dearly loved my Dodge high top camper van, but finally sold it, something I would never dream of doing with my 71 Z.
    BTW, seems like most of those vans had 318’s or the lovely Slant 6.

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