Cosmo Crammer

As part of Mazda’s 40th anniversary tribute to the rotary engine, the Zoom-Zoomers invited a group of renowned journalists to stuff the very cars the company would display at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca up the California coast, just in time for the 34th Rolex Monterey Historics.

So while we were tooling southward on I-5 from Seattle in a dingy Toyota Cressida station wagon toward the Mecca-like assembly of vintage autos that is Monterey’s classic car weekend, Motor Trend and Car and Driver convoyed north from Paso Robles behind the wheels of two infinitely sleeker Mazda Cosmo 110 Sports and a new US-market 40th Anniversary edition RX-8. Now that’s arriving in style. We, on the other hand, simply arrived. Click here to read about the sweetest of vintage J-treks.

Source: [Motor Trend]

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