Cool JDM Thing of The Week: I Rev…therefore I am

220_15a458b31cc.jpgOne of the cool things we saw in Japan during Autosalon is the I Rev Car Series. It’s a box set, which includes a 1/24th scale car model kit, a DVD featuring the car, a booklet reproducing some original brochure material, and a small 60-page magazine, courtesy of JDM-classic-car-ubermag, Nostalgic Hero.

Cost is Y3300 (about A$35).

And the first model in the series is the KPGC10 Hakosuka Skyline 2000GT-R.



So far, there are 5 cars in the series, from the Honda S600 to the C110 Kenmeri Skyline 2000GT-R, the TE27 Corolla and the 240Z with a ZG nose.



The magazine is pretty high quality, as you’d expect of something by Nostalgic Hero. It’s all in Japanese of course but if you collect JDM magazines about your dream car then you’d probably have seen most of it before, but the presentation, etc are of a high standard.


The DVD runs for about 20mins and the Hakosuka version features a few examples of the Hakosuka coupe and sedan, with many static walkarounds and footage of the cars in motion, with good incar footage too. The video then segues into the racing history of the C10 Skyline, with some short clips of archival racing footage from the early 70s.


The model is 1/24th scale, and is made by Fujimi and appears to be of the usual Fujimi high standard of detail (translation: lots of fiddly little bits that I’m sure I’ll screw up!).



All in all, it’s an extremely cool gift set with a little bit of everything, and for the price it’s a freaking bargain. Well worth hunting down if you’re a Yahoo Auctions junkie, and more proof (if any were needed) that our JDM counterparts have so much more cool stuff than we do.

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