Come On Baby Light My Fire Arrow

firearrow.jpgHot on the heels of the Tercel Wagon, Jalopnik is showing more old school J-tin love, this time with the captive import Plymouth Fire Arrow, aka Mitsubishi Lancer Celeste. All of the cars in their “Down on the Street” series are located on the island of Alameda, near San Francisco, so perhaps some of you enterprising readers can find this very machine and leave a note on the windshield. It’s a rare bird, and perhaps you foot soldiers in the Triple Diamond Mafia can tell us about the rarity of this shade of brown, which screams “70s” louder than a roller disco on acid. Oddly enough, it’s not too far off from the paint on that 2007 Civic in the background, but the orange and yellow stripes are what really give it that groovy vibe. Far out!

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