Clunkbucket Welcomes Unloved Cars

clunkbucket Tired of the same old auto sites gushing nonstop about Porsche this, Ferrari that, ZR1 WTF OMG!? Enter Clunkbucket, an automotive site catering to the most unloved, obscure and forgotten specimens of the vehicular kingdom. Naturally, that includes a healthy dose of Japanese iron, like the Suzuki Cervo. But a typical Clunkbucket cross section also includes homage to motoring luminaries such as the Fiat Multipla, Citroen SM and 1971 Lincoln Continental Mark III. Also, the man behind the site, our buddy Mike Bumbeck, has excellent taste in personal transport with his Toyota Starlet and Mitsubishi Starion. Seriously, who needs another Bentley review when you have the Saab Sonnet?

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6 Responses to Clunkbucket Welcomes Unloved Cars

  1. Mr.L.J. Nordvik said:

    I think this would be a good Clunkbucket candidate:

  2. In this recession minded economy. I’m sick of reading about cars I can’t afford. Bring on the clunkers.

  3. Todd Nelson said:

    I will gladly keep my Z31 and galant DD…….I would love to have a Ferrari – but 2K in parts for a tune up that I do myself do myself???????? I will stick with 40 bucks for my Z.

  4. burabuda said:

    any relation to jnc’r charlie bucket?

  5. j.a.c.k said:

    what’s the old proverb? another man’s trash…aww yeah.

  6. roosterfella46 said:

    wow the makers are popular but the names of the series is very…unfamiliar
    thumbs up clunkbucket

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