Classic JDM in Pop Culture and Advertising

corolla_girl.jpg Auto Otaku found this great advertisement for the American department store chain JCPenny, featuring a gorgeous girl standing in front of an even more stunning classic Corolla.

I’ve got little to no interest in whatever the store’s selling—and I’m pretty sure it’s not parts for classic JDM cars—but what a great photo! Makes me wonder if the art director for this shoot is a fan of old J steel, or if it’s just a random cute vintage car in their eyes, or… Well the possibilities are endless. Perhaps I should put in a call to JCPenny and find out which studio did the shoot.

There’s also a couple of screengrabs from a music video for a JRock band called FoZZtone, featuring a hakosuka sedan dumped on Wats. Looks fantastic.

Check ’em both out at Auto Otaku.

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