[Aus] Classic Japanese Show Shine and Swap


I mentioned the upcoming Japanese Classic Car Show recently, but of course with it being in the US, no doubt some of our Aussie readers are lamenting the cruelty of geography and the lack of airlines offering fifty dollar seats with car freight thrown in for free. As that’s not likely to happen any time soon, you’ll undoubtedly be rapt to know that the Classic Japanese Show Shine and Swap is coming up in October.

Held in sunny Queensland, it’s a great chance for you classic JDM lovers to show off your P&Js and check out what other enthusiasts have been working on. And luckily, the domestic airlines do offer fifty dollar seats for that particular flight. Last year’s inaugural event saw 134 cars on show, so if you can, get on up there.

And then send us the photos!

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3 Responses to [Aus] Classic Japanese Show Shine and Swap

  1. MISFIT said:

    i dunno about this show but thats my car!!!!


  2. Van said:

    Haha. I couldn’t find any shots from last year’s event, and I’ve always been a fan of your car, so I figured that would do! 🙂

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