Chevy RX-7….or Mazda Corvette….or whatever


So, are you one of the people who were pissed off that GM never produced the rotary-engined Corvette? Wanna take matters into your own hands? Wanna show GM how it’s done? If so, then we have a solution for you!

It may be a little mind boggling today, but you have to remember that there was a time when Japanese held American cars in quite a high regard (some still do). We’re not too sure how successful this bodykit was, but irrespective of what you might think of it, it looks like it’s made well (apart from that big panel gap at the front of the bonnet)!


Based on the 1st-gen SA22C RX-7, here’s the (rather snappily-named….) Corvetty!


Not too cheap at Y395,000: early 80’s money, don’t forget (and 20% of the new price of a whole RX7-Turbo at the time).


But if you’ve always thought that there was a 1981 Corvette in your RX-7 wanting to get out then er…..this is for you.

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4 Responses to Chevy RX-7….or Mazda Corvette….or whatever

  1. DiscoQuinn said:

    I absolutely love it. Almost inspiring.

  2. leongsoon said:

    Don’t like the long front and rear overhangs, but it’s quite the looker, replicating the Corvette’s almost phallic shape pretty well.

  3. EJ25RUN said:

    I still like the original fb style but it really amases me how well known the c3 vette is in japan!

  4. LarryW said:

    I like C3’s and I love FB/SA’s, but I don’t know how well I like the mix. It is well done, though. I suppose if I lived in Japan at the time, this would probably be a good idea. Being in america, where you can pick up a C3 easy, it wouldn’t make much sense.

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