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KIDNEY, ANYONE? 1965 Nissan President

From 1965, if you wanted the very pimpest and plushest the Nissan empire had to offer, then you’d go to your friendly neighbourhood dealer and plunk down a not-trivial six million yen for a President. The Royal Family may have rolled … Continue reading


EVENTS: 2012 All-Toyotafest, Part 04

We’ll let Patrick Ng‘s gorgeous TE27 kick off the fourth and final installment of our 17th Annual All-Toyotafest coverage. This tasty mango began life as a 1973 SR-5, an ultra-rare US-spec version of the Corolla Levin, with metal flares and all straight from the factory but … Continue reading


VIP S120 Toyota Crown Royal Saloon

Mid-80s Toyotas are rather unappreciated, but subtle expression is the key to customizing an S120 Crown. And you thought the Cressida was boxy… [Image:]


Happy President's Day from JNC

For those of you reading from other parts of the world, today is President’s Day here in the USA. All hail the the greatest influences on our beloved nation’s history: George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and the three day weekend. What … Continue reading


New Century Heroes

During our recent journey to Japan, there were plenty of new cars to drool over too. We snapped a ton of photos, but since this is Japanese Nostalgic Car, we gave the photos to our friends at Jalopnik. This Toyota … Continue reading


Toyota Century Lovin’

Andy’s first car was a Suzuki Swift “Xtreme”. It was silver with yellow stickers down the side proclaiming the car’s “Xtreme”ness. It was a good little car, but even before he got it home from the dealer he was thinking … Continue reading