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VIDEO: Rocky Auto’s Lexus V8-powered Hakosuka

Many of you loved the cars in the last video we posted but found the music controversial. Prepare yourself for the opposite. It’s hard to take offense to a Temptaions-esque free use Motown groove, but the accompanying car is one … Continue reading


VIDEO: 2013 JCCA New Year Meeting

Forget the Tokyo Auto Salon. You know the best place to be in Tokyo in January is really the New Year Meeting. We dare you to watch this video of the event in Odaiba, Tokyo and not drool all over … Continue reading


VIDEO: @Speed Garage Thailand: The Garage Passion Built

Thailand is a hotbed of nostalgic car activity these days, and @Speed Garage is the perfect example of exactly why that is. From classic Skylines to a race-ready Toyota Starlet, it’s the stuff our most fevered dreams are made of. … Continue reading


VIDEO: 1972 Fuji Masters Super Touring Race

One of the greatest rivalries from the heyday of Japanese motorsports was that of Nissan versus Mazda. After the Savanna RX-3 snatched Nissan’s much anticipated 50th victory from the Skyline GT-R in December 1971, a blood feud was born. The … Continue reading


VIDEO: The Emperor of Japan drives a mauve Honda Integra

You would think that being the absolute top dog of a country known for building spectacular vehicles would provide Emperor Akihito with a garage to end all garages. Instead, when the head honcho of the Japanese royal family is not … Continue reading


Merry Christmas from JNC!

And now for your holiday viewing pleasure, a GX71 Mark II driver performing a heartwarming rendition of Jingle Bells with nothing but his exhaust. Merry Christmas from all of us at JNC!


VIDEO: “Napa Valley Roadsters” by Petrolicious

Hot on the heels of San Francisco Skyline, it’s It’s time for yet another beautifully shot video from Petrolicious. This time, the crew heads north into wine country for Napa Valley Roadsters, a look at two more Nissans, but this … Continue reading


Oldschool JDM Tuner Challenge

Here’s a nice vid from Best Motoring, way back in the early 90s. It’s a tuner-car challenge around Maze circuit in Niigata prefecture. Surprisingly there are quite a few older cars in the mix, including a few FB/SA22 RX7s and … Continue reading


Nissan’s 40th Anniversary Z-Car Tribute

We didn’t supply you with a Friday Video this week but Nissan has come to the rescue with a tribute to 40 years of the Datsun 240Z. Enjoy!


Skyline and Z Hoonage, Japanese Style

Seriously, folks. If this video doesn’t make you want to get a nostalgic car of your own and tune the living crap out of it, you’re deader than Abraham Lincoln. Watch as a bunch of old school Nissan nuts shake … Continue reading


We’re Big In Japan

We get a lot of emails here at grandJDM – especially when Kev has one of his ridiculous giveaways (when are you people gonna start working for your prizes eh? Bloody slackers!) – but I think the one I received … Continue reading

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RB-Powered Hako Hits The Hills

A nod goes out to Auto Otaku once again for yet another great find.  Here’s a couple of videos of RB-powered C10s, and while I admit I’d rather have an L28 myself, there’s definitely nothing upsetting about these swaps; especially … Continue reading

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When the sharknoses come out to play…..bring earplugs

Yesterday we did a piece on a rarely-seen Hakosuka sharknose, and while we’re on the subject of these of lowdown/garuchan/yankee/bosozoku sharknosed cars, let’s look into the culture a little bit further. When we see these cars parked up, it’s easy … Continue reading


In Other, Vaguely Relevant News

Oh hell yes. I have no idea what these cars are (Charades? 121s? My knowledge of buzzboxes is minimal), whether they’re even Japanese, or where the hell this video was filmed, but it’s just too damn awesome to leave out. … Continue reading

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The Fairest of Them All

I know a guy, right, with a stunning S30Z right here in my town. You might recall seeing it way back in this wallpaper post, actually. A couple of weeks ago, he and a buddy of his hit the suburban … Continue reading


Woz Gets Back in the Z

As many auto blogs reported not too long ago (and no small amount of tech blogs), Steve Wozniak—co-founder of Apple Computers—starred in a television commercial in the early 80s for the Nissan/Datsun 280ZX. Well it turns out he’s always had … Continue reading

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Say it LOUD: Red Megaphone

Auto Otaku recently stumbled across a bunch of videos by Japanese restorer Red Megaphone, and has thrown a few of them up on his blog. Presumably these are some videos intended to show off the cars to potential buyers. The … Continue reading

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Back to the Power of Love

Today’s WTF moment comes right out of the 80s, as we bear witness to Michael J. Fox… jumping and somersaulting on a trampoline in a tuxedo and saying “whoa” (I think), before teleporting to the driver’s seat of a Honda … Continue reading


Back to the Skyline

Auto Otaku has slapped together a quick commemorative post to the glory of the Nissan Skyline, including a couple of the old TV commercials in this post over at his site.  This business about the C210 being known in Japan … Continue reading

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The Boso craze continues

JNC forum member Gamby linked to a couple of absolutely awesome boso/garuchan videos yesterday, and I just have to share them with you. The boso movement, as ridiculous as it is, has really struck a chord with me, as our … Continue reading

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