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How to eat a GT-R for lunch: The R32 sandwich grill

Even if you absolutely love Nissan Skyline GT-Rs, and I think most of us do, it can still be difficult to incorporate them into every single aspect of your life. For example, it’s not really possible to enjoy GT-R life … Continue reading


This Hakosuka Skyline chair is the ultimate piece of furniture

If you’re the kind of person who dreams about driving a Hakosuka Skyline even when you’re just sitting around at home, have we got a chair for you. Behold, the GT Chair, a seat inspired by that of of Nissan’s … Continue reading


You can now get Honda-branded fashion at Forever 21

Most of us at JNC are what the kids today call “old” and therefore our fashion tastes very rarely converge with those who consider Snapchat a news channel. However, fashion retailer Forever 21 has a new collaboration with Honda that we finally get. 


JNC GEAR: Made in the 80s

JNC‘s 25-years-or-older rule has put the nostalgic cutoff at 1988. It’s time we embraced the 80s. This year, our annual Toyotafest shirt debut will be a tribute to the boxy designs of the techno-funk decade, the Turbo Era, the Bubble … Continue reading


The History of Racing Mate and a New JNC Decal

It’s hard to believe, but for as long as JNC has been around we’ve only ever made one sticker. We need to rectify that situation stat, so the yotsuba above will soon be joining the red and white inkan. For … Continue reading


This week’s contest winning photo proves that the JNC sticker can look just as cool on a modern car as it does on a classic. Submitted by forum member mommabear. To enter our weekly JNC Stamp Contest, enter HERE. Past winners.

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This week’s contest winning photo is actually a screenshot from Forza 3 for Xbox 360.  If you play the game, you can now get a JNC Stamp Logo sticker for your ride! Goto the storefront and search for “Paul Newman” … Continue reading

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As this week’s contest winner, we couldn’t resist choosing this photo.  Just look at those cute paws! submitted by forum member e-at_me To enter our weekly JNC Stamp Contest, enter HERE view past winners

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The Evolution of the JNC Stamp

With the recent discovery of black market JNC Stamp stickers, a lot of interest was drummed up about the JNC Stamp logo. The most popular question we’ve received is something along the lines of “Why did you change the sticker … Continue reading


Is Your JNC Sticker Real?

Look what we spotted on our Facebook page – someone tagged JNC in a pic of a car sporting a fake series 1 JNC sticker!  The picture hails from Indonesia, so we don’t have any solid info on the counterfeit … Continue reading


JNC Sticker Version 3 Now Available

Here it is, the long awaited next evolution of the iconic JNC sticker. Show your support for the fast-growing old school movement with these striking decals. Perfect for your ride, toolbox, garage, luggage, skateboard or anywhere else! It’s unmistakable proof … Continue reading


Japanese License Plate Cell Strap

Surely you have noticed the Japanese cell phone strap craze. Why you’d want a bouquet of plastic cartoon characters dangling from your mobile, we do not know. But if you’re looking for a cell deco with an automotive theme, peep … Continue reading


OG Shirt from Import Bible

Our friends at Import Bible have released another Series 2 shirt that is sure to appeal to nostalgists. The front says “OG” in big red letters and on the back, a closeup of a hakosuka grille. Killer! You can buy … Continue reading


Kei-Cars on Your T-Shirts

More T-shirts featuring old Japanese cars are popping up all over the place. Normally they’re all the popular models from Nissan and Toyota, leaving kei car fans a bit left out. But thanks to JNCer xemoto, here’s one of a … Continue reading


Nostalgic T-Shirts from Lisa's Decals

We were browsing the web for images of nostalgics and stumbled upon this great series of T-shirts with pictures of our favorite cars on them. Then we realized that they were drawn by a JNCer who goes by the name … Continue reading


Rad Retro Rags from NoCarNoLife

Being the graphic designer type, Van runs in some pretty creative circles. That’s how he spotted this series of positively righteous artwork from NoCarNoLife. However, we’ve locked the Vanster in a dungeon until he finishes the layout for JNC Issue … Continue reading


Land Cruisers You Can Wear

Someone over at this T-shirt site must love Land Cruisers because they have at least 3 shirts dedicated to the old Toyota workhorse. Our favorite one is this one pictured, even though we’re not really sure what it says. The … Continue reading


Subaru 360 Mouse

Our JDM friend and Mitsubishi Delica Space Gear Super Exceed 24-Valve V6 3000 with Crystal Lite Roof helmsman was in town for a few days and he brought us this rad present. It’s a surprisingly comfortable USB optical mouse in … Continue reading


We Need This Stinking Badge

Hey Sugarteats, check out this replica badge from Japanese company M.F.P. Clothing. Remember the the Main Force Patrol? It’s the post-apocalypse Australian police unit Mel Gibson’s character served under in the 1979 movie Mad Max. Along with The Road Warrior … Continue reading