Cafe GT-R: If they served chicken wings, you’d never have to leave


If you were cruising the Tochigi area of central Japan, you might come across a roadside restaurant, with a charming organic produce market at the back. There’s a restaurant serving pizza and pasta, and at the corner of the complex is a little coffee shop….called Cafe GT-R. And you can hang out and sip your coffee in the presence of a racing KPGC10, surrounded by GT-R memorabilia. The owners also encourage enthusiasts to use the cafe as a meeting point, so what more could you want?


Very cool.


And yup…only in Japan.


Looks like good eatin’ too!



Check it out: Link

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5 Responses to Cafe GT-R: If they served chicken wings, you’d never have to leave

  1. Van said:

    Oh man. That’s how I’d love Cafe Grip to be. Heck yeah.

  2. toyotageek said:

    Hmmmmm, perhaps a Cafe Grand JDM is in order? Then us Yanks would have a place to hang out with you Aussies! LOL!

  3. Lachy said:

    There is also a Fairlady Cafe which is more well known on the net… I wonder if they are affiliated.

  4. J-Spec said:

    If you’re in Tokyo a neat place to go is to a shopping centre called Pallette Town. There is a big Toyota presence there with all of their models on display, and a whole ton of ex Toyota race cars… LeMans cars, GT300 and GT500’s, F1’s, ex rally cars and all sorts of other stuff you didn’t even know existed.

    At the very other end of Pallette Town is a cafe that I found by accident and it had also some sweet Toyotas that you could sit next to and have a coffee, it was great. I remember sitting down next to an ST185 Toyota Celica in full rally spec with the old Castrol livery, and on the other side was a Toyota GT-ONE… too cool! If you’re in the area I recommend it, that was one of the most enjoyable cups of coffee I’ve had.

    To get there:
    Pallett Town is a big shopping centre on Odaiba which is a huge man made island in Tokyo, it’s not hard to find. Once on Odaiba it’s right at the base of the big ferris wheel which you can see from miles away… too easy! Those instructions really are about all you need to find it.
    As well as all the kick ass Toyota race cars at the other end where the cafe is if you go up a level there is also a big store with matchbox/toy cars of every Japanese model you can think of and a variety of motoring books… I spent a fortune there!

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