C110 Skyline GT-R (replica)

C110 Skyline GT-R (Datsun 240K)

Here we’ve got a spankin’ hot example of what you can do when you want a C110 Skyline GT-R, but all you can get your hands on – and perhaps all you can afford! – is a Datsun 240K (although it was known as the C110 Skyline in JDMland). More pics and info after the jump!

240K becomes C110 GT-R

This tasty piece of Skyline history used to belong to an acquaintance of mine down here in Australia, before he was forced to sell it to a lucky buyer from Dubai in order to finance a big move interstate. Poor guy! I know for a fact that even now, nearly half a year later, he still misses it. Who wouldn’t?

c110-replica_01.jpg C110 Skyline GT-R (Datsun 240K) C110 Skyline GT-R (Datsun 240K) C110 Skyline GT-R (Datsun 240K) C110 Skyline GT-R (Datsun 240K)

All the text from this point on, are the words of Lachlan, the former owner.

I acquired this immaculate car in early 2003 from its original owner. She was given the car for her 60th birthday from her mother, and then at 90 decided she might like a new car. Thanks to her, the car was in amazing condition when I got it. Easily the best I have ever seen. An ideal candidate for a transformation into what it is today – something quite entirely different. I must thank all who have helped, especially Alan Thomas whom without his guidane this could have never happened!

I will give a brief overview of most of the things that I’ve done, but I’m sure I will have forgotten something.

– October 1973 Built, Australian-delivered Datsun 240K 2-Door Hardtop (KHGC110-003929)
– I am the second owner.
– Odometer reads about 22,000km (5 digit, it has rolled over at least once)
– Original matching-numbers L24 engine (entire drivetrain is much the same as 240Z/240C, so parts are easily obtainable)
– An early build, it has all the same “bits” as a GT-R (interior vents, rear bumper reflectors, etc.)

Other Details:
– Overfenders & spoilers from Kameari Engine Works, painted and fitted at time of full respray (not in boot, bonnet etc., but car has always been white)
– JDM Skyline GT-R Tail Lights + GT-R chrome rings (very rare!)
– NOS rear bumper, front bumper, GT-R Skyline Badging
– GT-R badging includes front GT-R badge, Rear Quarter Skyline badges, Rear Quarter “GT” red badges, Quarter vents restored, rear panel Skyline and GT-R badges, interior “Skyline” dash badge. ALL proper C110 items, all new. No shortcuts.
– Front GT-R fibreglass grille (needs respray)
– All stainless steel trim recently repaired and polished
– Brushed aluminium dash panel (like GT-R)
– Brushed aluminium centre console inserts
– Authentic Watanabe RS-8 wheels Type A 14×7.5J and Type R 14x9J, repainted and polished & Watanabe centre caps & Watanabe lug nuts (comes with lock nuts too)
– New shocks, springs and tyres mid-2005 (low but practical)
– Minor rust removed from right dogleg, rear right wheel well, rear left wheel well and under windscreen (all common areas) – there are still a few areas that need attention, no structural rust. Front right fender and behind left wheel well have crows feet a bit.
– GT-R Fender mirrors (original mirror position welded up)
– Lower side chrome strips removed, welded and painted for GT-R look
– Converted from automatic to 5-speed with heavy duty 280ZX clutch + Japanese C110-style aluminium gear knob
– Dual Hitachi carbs from 240Z
– Reconditioned radiator last year
– Electronic Ignition + New Coil + Leads + Plugs a couple of months ago
– New Oil Pressure Sender this week
– Recon’d 5-speed gearbox this week
– Alarm + central locking + Immobiliser
– 2.25″ Exhaust from manifold back, with single Lukey muffler at the end (extractors possibly)
– New front windscreen early last year
– New rear wheel cylinders & Front brake pads early this year
– Nardi 360mm Steering Wheel

Also comes with:
– 240K Service Manual, KPGC110 Service Manual, and a few books, magazines etc. negotiable.
– Spare RHS window (you never know when you might need to replace it…)
– Front brake upgrade (Hilux calipers, Accord discs (“bolt-on” upgrade))

I’ve seen many C110s but to be frank, I haven’t seen a better example – which is why I chose this one as an ideal candidate. A true case of the “little old lady” car, I don’t expect to ever find one like it again. The odometer is only 5 digits and was at about 80,000 when I got it, so I’m not sure if that meant 80,000km or 180,000km, but for a car of this age it has minor importance. I do not know of any other good completed replicas outside of Japan. It’s amazing how many people stop and stare – it’s definitely not for the timid. Ideally, I’d like to put in a mild L28 so that it had more performance to match the looks, but I am satisfied with it as it is and it keeps me out of trouble.

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    I have Nissan Skyline 1975, 1800 GL, Sedan – do you have any service manuals for that model repair? Thanks in advance 4 response!!!

  3. I love this!! How do I get in touch with the builder?

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