Bulldogs Flipping Over: Honda City Turbo IIs at Suzuka

Thankfully, Kev did not see quite this much action at his recent outing to the JCCA Classic Car Festival at Tsukuba Circuit. But in 1984, Honda, a long-time sponsor of one-make races, chose its Honda City Turbo II for its latest incarnation of same-spec motorsports.

How could you not love a car like this? As if these little single-cam pocket rockets weren’t already cool enough, Honda modified every race car into a zippy, 1231cc featherweights capable of over 136hp. The result? Complete chaos at the starting grid!

Hat tip to kev84.

P.S. The Turbo II was nicknamed the bulldog due to its squat stance and the presence of an actual bulldog in its ads. Not to be confused with this Japanese bulldog flipping over:

[Image: Wikipedia]

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4 Responses to Bulldogs Flipping Over: Honda City Turbo IIs at Suzuka

  1. E-AT_me said:

    i love the city’s. they are such cool cars. would love to daily one of the little turbo II’s.

  2. banpei said:

    Nice! Big big carnage!

    I posted another video some months ago but it got removed from Youtube. It showed a Honda City Bulldog flipping over two times and the driver even manages to return to the pitlane! Insane!
    Let’s hope that one gets reposted sometime soon! 🙂

  3. Kevin Lee said:

    Hahah, i guess bulldogs are meant to flip over, look at the second video! haha

  4. Komeuppance said:

    Haha… I LOL’d at both vids.


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