Budget Nostalgia

For those of us who’ve always wanted a 2000GT convertible, but are not lucky enough to have $250,000, a sawzall, and the cajones to take said sawzall to the roof of extremely rare classic supercars, all is not lost. Thanks to Mr. Makoto Kobayash of Road Star Garage, this 2000GT lookalike, based off of a first gen Miata, is now our best option. While the finished product looks fairly decent from the front and rear three-quarters view, its profile looks strange and disproportionate.

Unfortunately, Road Star Garage’s website is in all Japanese so we don’t know the cost or availability of this conversion.

[Source: Road Star Garage via Carscoop via Jalopnik]

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2 Responses to Budget Nostalgia

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  2. ImportJap said:

    I agree about the profile, though I doubt all but the most observant old jap car lovers would notice.

    Still, nothing’s going to beat an original.

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