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Ok, we’re not going to complain, even though it’s taking ever fiber of our beings. We promised we wouldn’t. It’s just that in Toyota of Brunei has, to celebrate their 40th anniversary, held a contest to find the oldest and best maintained Toyota in the country. The winner, of both the $1000 prize and the most difficult to pronounce name, Pg Rosli Pg Hj Bakar, took the top spot with his 1970 Corolla 1200 (Note: Car pictured is not Mr. Bakar’s actual car. The article had no accompanying photo). In fact, the two runners up were also Corolla 1200s.

The only other thing we know about Brunei is that the sultan of the oil-rich nation reportedly owns an enormous collection, hundreds deep, of exotic cars, many of them custom built Ferrari and Aston Martin wagons. He allegedly owns so many Rolls Royces that the company sends a rotating team of mechanics to Brunei just for his garage. We wonder if he rocks any nostalgics in that fleet.

Source: [Brunei Times]

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