Bring Back the Mazda RX-3


Mazda have utilised Facebook to launch a design competition, charging entrants with the task of determining what the Mazda 3 of 2018 will look like.The good thing about this design comp is that, frankly, it’s not much of one! If you lack any drawing skills to speak of, you’re still a chance as long as you know how to write. If you can aptly and imaginatively describe in 150 words or less what the 3 of 2018 will look like, you’re in with a chance.

So for those of you who love the retro-styled cars we’ve been seeing these days—such as the Mustang and the Camaro—this is your chance to revitalise the 3 with the classic stylings of the RX-3. Make it happen!

You’ll need to join Facebook first, but once you have, click here to join the Mazda Design Challenge.

[via JNC]

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