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Brap (derived from the sound of the cars in question) is a magazine devoted to the Rotary scene in Australia – specifically in Mazdas, in case you were thinking of old folks sitting around tables in car parks on cold Sunday mornings hocking their old cutlery and photos of WW2 soldiers.

Presented in PDF format, Brap is now up to issue 3, and the guys have done some great work so far.  The Australian rotary scene is perhaps a little different to that seen elsewhere, with the exception of New Zealand.  Big power, big modern sports rims, and outspoken paint schemes are all par for the course down under the equator.  Not everyone’s cup of tea for sure, but it holds no shortage of appeal for a lot of people!

Check out Brap Magazine.

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2 Responses to Brap Magazine

  1. Kev said:

    Aha…look who’s car got featured at Page 13 of Issue One 😀

  2. Van said:

    Hahaha! I only looked at issue 3, so I didn’t see it. Nice work cuz.

    For our readers, the Luce in issue 1 belongs to our very own Kev!

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