Book Garage: Japanese Car Brochure Heaven

No trip to Tokyo would be complete without a stop to Book Garage. It specializes in old Japanese car brochures, and has shelves filled with them. Want a catalog for a 1971 Nissan Cedric? How about a 1965 Toyota Toyoace commercial truck? They even have some reproduction brochures for really popular models. Everything from the obscure to the new is covered, and if you go, be prepared to spend yen. Book Garage is about a 10 minute walk from Nakano Station, out the North Exit and past the Nakano Broadway mall.

It’s a little hard to describe exactly where it is, but here is the Book Garage address: 〒165-0026 東京都中野区新井1-36-3. You can copy/paste that into Google Maps or ask people.

The English translation is:
1-36-3 Arai, Nakano-ku, Tokyo 165-0026


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18 Responses to Book Garage: Japanese Car Brochure Heaven

  1. r100guy said:

    Pricey yes! 1962 Mazda R360 brochure US$300! Would anyone know the value of a 1949 Toyota Type SD brochure would be worth by chance????

  2. Nigel said:

    Now, I just need to work on my kanji.

  3. Nigel said:

    I would have to buy extra luggage.

  4. toyotageek said:

    Ben!! Shhhhhh! This is my secret place to shop! I don’t need anymore competition! LOL

    Oh well, too late I guess! At least you didn’t tell people about all the collectible shops that are in the Nakano Broadway mall. …oops!!

    r100guy said:
    “Would anyone know the value of a 1949 Toyota Type SD brochure would be worth by chance????”

    Why, do you have one? They’re worthless, but I’ll give you $5 for it! 😉

  5. banpei said:

    Nice shop! I’d wish I had one close by!
    Any chance they have the other 10 Carina brochures I’m missing in my collection? 😉

  6. r100guy said:

    Toyota geek- Worthless ,dang, sorry can’t take the $5…..too much.

  7. Jack said:

    haha! toyotageek and r100guy you guys crack me up!

  8. toyotageek said:

    r100guy – LOL! Seriously though, if you have ’49 SD brochure, post up some scans in the forum. I’d like to at least get a peek at it.

    I’ve got an original 2000GT brochure that I’ll post some pix of.

  9. colink said:

    I bet that is an awesome shop

  10. Ben said:

    Prices really depend on the popularity of the model…. I think I saw some TA12 Carina ones for as low as $15.

  11. MarkG said:

    Every issue of Nostalgic Hero has a small ad for Book Garage. There is a simple map which will help anyone who hasn’t been there before.

    Also, find someone to translate the opening days/hours – they’re not open every day.

  12. banpei said:

    @ben then the Carina AA63 brochures should be free I guess. 😀

  13. slickwrick said:

    wow! ive got to visit this place!

    ill put it 1st on my list when i plan a trip to japan.

  14. Brian Baker said:

    Been there on both of my trips to Japan. I’m certain that on both visits, I made the employee who waited on me “salesperson of the month”. I think I dropped about $1,100 US each time I was there!

    Nigel says, “I would have to buy extra luggage.” That is what I had to do! Came home with bags I didn’t go with, just so that I could get it all home!!!

    And all this time I thought that Book Garage was my little secret!

  15. Sarcasmo said:

    Only $1,100 USD? That’s only like 20 yen, what did ya buy, Beats Maru bubble gum?


    Just playin 😛

  16. Matt said:

    I am trying to get copies of brochures on old Japanese cars. Does anyone know the number to the Book Garage? If yes, I would really appreciate an email with the phone number. My email is

  17. Juergen Kuschewski said:

    Book Garage is a very good place for my collection of Suzuki 2-stroke and rotary motorcycle brochures – 1960-1977
    Is there anyone here to also collect brochures on Japanese motorbikes? I have many items to trade or sell. Just send me an email to I am based in Germany and frequently in Tokyo for business trips
    Kind regards


  18. does the Book Garage also issue reprinted postcards of original brochures. I have one of a Subaru 360 with “book garage” at the back. Are there any others?
    Thanks, Leon
    for a picture visit:

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