Bonus Vid: Toyota Corona Mark II & Clipper Ships

A heavenly Toyota Corona Mark II in the music video for the song “Clone” by Japanese band Straightener.

Thanks to gtxtom!

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3 Responses to Bonus Vid: Toyota Corona Mark II & Clipper Ships

  1. Ryan said:

    Nice vid, awesome light effects, heres a music vid with an old silvia in it…

  2. Lincoln Stax said:

    I like the song. I’m going to have to look for there CD. But whoever uploaded it misspelled “Straightener” in Japanese. It should be ストレイテナ (sutoreitena), not ストライテナ (sutoraitena). You can see the correct spelling on the video itself. It’s useful to have the correct spelling if you’re going to look for the music.

  3. Lincoln Stax said:

    Weird. Disregard. It is spelled right. I know when I saw it in the forum, it was spelled incorrectly on YouTube.

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