Bluebird 510, For the Supersonic Age!

Man, this ad for the Nissan Bluebird 510 is groovy, baby! The sound barrier breaking motif tied in nicely with the car’s sleek, post-jet age styling. In fact, the character line that extends down the side of the body is called the “supersonic line.” The helmeted woman and the go-go beat totally reminded us of the Maruzen Oil ad of the same era, though the latter is just slightly more infectious.

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4 Responses to Bluebird 510, For the Supersonic Age!

  1. banpei said:

    Seeing the performance comparison of that Bluebird I immediately want a 510 as well! 😉
    It would fit the interior of my house as well: I must admit I have a lot of space-age furniture at home. 😀

  2. william said:

    Seeing our missing CONCORDE makes me sad 🙁 :p

  3. J.Ramirez (zetozeto99) said:

    Bluuue Bird-ooo!

  4. Mike said:

    Actually, judging by the shape of the engines, it’s closer to the soviet Tu-144 (which ,If I remember correctly, beat the Concorde to the punch) , but then again, it’s revealed to be just a plastic model when you look at the front view!

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