Block Party

After a long week of showcasing its corporate master’s wares, the Honda Japanese website likes to shed the work duds and have some fun. Cometh each weekend, the home page transforms into a bizarre yet beautiful and rich world of the most mesmerizing pixel art we’ve seen.

To get to various sections of the site, users must now navigate a strange, isometric world of blocky gardens, futuristic labs and cubic canals populated by boxy denizens doing everyday activities as if inside a digital Where’s Waldo? page. Can you spot the scuba diver, the kid with the radio control Civic, the kangaroo? Naturally, Honda products both old and new, like ASIMO or the T360 truck (pictured), are part of the fun sprinkled throughout.

The whole effect is rather surreal and enchanting, and we’ve even discovered some mini-games hidden in the rectilinear universe – the golfer, the color-changing dog. And as the girl with the blue balloon hints, the site was created by the renowned pixel art team eBoy.

If this isn’t enough quadratic quirk for you, head on over to the Icon Museum, where you can download your very own pixellated Hondas, whether you fancy Step Van or NSX or anything in between. The icons will stay around 24/7, but come Monday, the main page puts the suit back on and returns for another week.

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