Big Boys and Their Little Toys


To help celebrate 50 years of the Nissan Skyline, Tomica – somewhat like Japan’s version of Matchbox or Hot Wheels – have introduced a series of six classic (well, 5 plus the 1, not everyone considers the R30 a classic yet) Skylines into their range of toy cars. From the S54 through to the R30, this is a great collection of accurately depicted miniature cars from the legendary suka family. They’ll each sell for ¥525 (AU$4.90, US$4.30), which is a steal! Remember when you used to buy one Matchbox car every week when you were 10 years old, because you had just enough pocket money to get one? Those days are back, at least temporarily, haha.

If you can get your hands on these, do it! I know I’ll be scouring the net for a source. Keep an eye on ToyEast and HobbyLink Japan, and you might just get lucky.

Here’s the original article at, translated through Google.

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  1. Kev said:

    The DR30 is definitely a classic!

    It’s the one that took the fight to the world in international Group A racing in the 80s. C10 is awesome (but only stayed on home turf), the C110 wasn’t officially raced (and is mainly known for a series of commercials featuring Mr Ken and Mrs Mary), the C211 was…well…only a force in street racing in Japan in the 70s and that leads us to the DR30!

    Just because it doesn’t have flares doesn’t mean it ain’t a classic 😀

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