Behold, the new JNC wagon


Behold, the new JNC Wagon. You’re looking at a 1987 Toyota Van in all its two-tone glory, complete with dual sunroof, ice maker, and a big ol’ pock mark smack dab in the middle of its prodigious face. Now for the drive back to LA. More photos to follow soon!

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41 Responses to Behold, the new JNC wagon

  1. Myron Vernis said:

    Congrats! Looks fantastic!

  2. Legacy-san said:

    …well…it’s cavernous, lots of JDM stuff is probably available in Japan to retrofit, and not too many cabover vehicles are around anymore, so the “millennials” can reminisce being picked up at day-care or soccer practice in one of these…

    • Legacy-san said:

      …import some JDM or Australian stuff and rename it “Master Ace Surf” or “Tarago” to make people go “I don’t remember it being called that?”…

  3. Mercilessmings said:

    Carbureted, or injected?

  4. The Black CRX said:

    Awesome, Ben! I’ll be right over for some ice.

    • Ben Hsu said:

      Sadly, the ice maker doesn’t work at the moment. But I’ve heard from a Toyota employee that even when it was new you could run it all night and it would make about six cubes!

  5. Taylor said:

    Dig it! You’re definitely going Dekotora style on it, right?

  6. SHC said:

    Hmmm….was that one on B.a.T.? Looks familiar.

  7. SHC said:

    With a modified graphics package you could have used this Nissan. 🙂

  8. Dimitry Mochkin said:

    Just saw a RHD example the other day here in Toronto, with *drumroll* glass roofline! My goodness it looked spectacular!

  9. Chris said:

    ICEMAKER??? I didn’t know they had that. I don’t know that too many millenials could remember this, even from daycare, but my old Gen X mind is going more and more these days.

  10. PDXBryan said:

    Honest to god, this was my next guess for your new wagon. Great rig but I think a turbocharged Maxima Diesel wagon would have rocked too.

  11. Joe Musashi said:

    It’s glorious

  12. vitor said:

    Funny i just bought last week a 1979 gen II Toyota Hiace diesel with column shifting

  13. Scotty G said:

    Nice, congrats!

  14. Nigel said:

    Very cool, (Made in the eighties…) !

  15. Bob said:


    I love it. Phenomenal!

  16. Sammy B said:

    OUTSTANDING! We are original owners of our 84 Van LE (5 speed!). We don’t have a few of these goodies (no sunroofs, ice maker, or alloy wheels).

    Let me know if there’s any questions I can help with! So glad to see you guys picked this up

  17. mattwithoutyou said:

    I love it!

    I would retrofit the 80s stripe/graphic package that was so prevalent on these vans in their heyday, and find some suitably rare JDM barrels of appropriate vintage. Of course, I spend entirely too much time and money trying to relive my youth, but even without the rose tinted nostalgia, these are great vehicles. Lots of room, Toyota reliability, and in a sea of cookie cutter beige Accords you aren’t likely to lose it in a parking lot.

  18. J.A.C.K said:

    YASSSS! i drove one of these in HS. i miss her!!!

  19. Randy said:

    Looks good!

    Since you mentioned the dent, there are plenty of “paintless dent repair” places that can take care of that bit of “character.”

    As long as the clear coat is intact, a good polishing, and 2 coats of FK1000P, and in about 3 days, it’ll look better than new – GLASSY! (Don’t get it on the black, plastic trim.) By hand, that’d be a weekend. I’d recommend Collinite 845 for the black trim, and also a FANASTIC “wax.” (It’s a weird hybrid stuff.)

    So the “More photos to follow?”

  20. Russ said:

    Congrats Ben on the new member of your family. That model LE with those options and 2 tone at that was the top of the line. Very desirable LE van. Very nice indeed!

  21. Paul C said:

    It looks fabulous! I wish we had those cars in France (or Europe). I love “underdogs” like vans or your cressida

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