Beauty Is in the Eye of the Expressway Interchange

Our man Kev is in Japan right now seeing the sights. And oh what sights there are. Tokyo is so densely packed that expressways don’t run through it, they run over it. Legendary road systems like the Shuto and Wangan are all elevated, the walls on either side the only thing keeping you from realizing that you’re driving 10 stories above Tokyo Bay.

And you might not think that a tangle of rebar and concrete could be beautiful, but you’d be wrong. Just take a gander at Ken Ohyama’s gorgeous photographs of Japan’s expressway interchanges. Then imagine yourself hauling through them with your exhaust roar bouncing off the barriers like a superball and streetlights inducing seizures as they whiz by in your fender mirrors. More pics after the jump:

[Ken Ohyama Flickr via Jalopnik]

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6 Responses to Beauty Is in the Eye of the Expressway Interchange

  1. leongsoon said:

    Saw these pics earlier at Autoblog this morning, fantastic, just fantastic!

  2. J.Ramirez said:


  3. Jeff Brown said:

    WOW….. dream highways

  4. Michiel said:

    Gorgeous photographs.

  5. George Stewrt said:

    What a vision for all of us learn from!

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