Bangers and Mash

bangercedric.jpgWhile life gives us LeMons here in the colonies, it doles out bangers in the UK, where before a car is put out to pasture, it’s put on a tear through a pasture. The long held tradition of taking an old car to a muddy field and letting it go out in style, or at least like a heifer with mad cow disease, is practically a British way of life, right up there with afternoon tea and bowler hats.

Take a long, painful look at The A to Z of Banger Racing to see what kind of machinery is meeting its demise at the hands of a bunch of sadistic Brits. There’s Corollas, Crowns, Laurels, Cedrics, and basically a whole smattering of awesome J-tin that we’d kill to get our hands on – even a Nissan President and a hearse. Savages! Perhaps our readers from the UK can rescue some of these barges. Otherwise, we might have to call in William Wallace to give you a good trashing. He was also The Road Warrior, you know.

[via Jalopnik]

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